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Dining Area
Dining Area

The Best Little Rib House in Town

Getting sick of the same old BBQ from big commercial chains? Or simply getting tired of Corporate BBQ joints fooling you into thinking that there product is authentic BBQ. Well if you are one of these people come on down to Johns Rib House located in Lisle at 1221 Maple Ave.

At Johns Rib House, Baby Back Ribs are Hickory smoked in our Southern Pride smoker with real hickory wood for 3 hrs. as well as our BBQ rib tips. If not in the mood for ribs, try our famous BBQ pulled pork sandwich which is smoked for 13hrs, this sandwich is guaranteed to have you come back for more. Here at Johns Rib House you will find the BBQ you have been looking and waiting for.

If your simply not in the mood for BBQ at all, try an assortment of our other great food such as our homemade BBQ chicken wings, or our southern style catfish among many other fantastic entrees! Either way, our food will have you coming back for more! So when you're in the mood for BBQ or simply just want some good old homemade food, come on down to Johns Rib House!

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